Program List

The progam list below is included with conference registration. Only main presenters are listed. A scheduled list of programs will be released in October. You can also download our pre-registration booklet. This list is subject to change.

Creative and Expressive Arts: Tools for Counselors
[Play Therapy, Spirituality & Wellness]
Patricia Johnson

Dancing Mindfulness: A Trauma-Informed Approach to Healing and Wellness
[Community & Clinical Counseling, Other]
Nicole Allen

Don't Forget to Pack Your Childhood Adversity!? The Impacts of Early Adversity on College Students
[Grief, Crisis, & Trauma, College Counseling]
Eitandria Tello

EAGALA Horse Model Horses as helpers
[Community & Clinical Counseling, ]
Ruth Whitely

Ethics for LPC's and LPC Supervisors: Frequent Ethics Problems and How to Solve Them
[Ethics & Legal Issues, Grief, Crisis, & Trauma]
Bret Hendricks

Ethics with horses
[Ethics & Legal Issues, ]
Ruth Whitely

Lawyers, Subpoenas, and Testimony, OH MY!: Ethical Issues to Consider and Understand When Working with Court-Involved Families
[Ethics & Legal Issues, Child & Adolescent Counseling]
Jennifer Gomez

Solution focused play therapy: Creative Approaches for Building Strengths
[Child & Adolescent Counseling, Play Therapy]
Elizabeth Taylor

TEMPSC-III: Enhancing School Counselor Practice Through Job-related Performance Evaluation
[Elementary School Counseling, Secondary School Counseling]
Elias Zambrano

The Special Mix for an Extraordinary Grief Support Group (a mixture of fun interactive activities, discussion, education and rituals
[Grief, Crisis, & Trauma, Group Work]
Barbara Petsel

3 R's of Remediation: Review, Remediate, Re-Evaluate
[Counselor Supervison, Ethics & Legal Issues]
Gay McAlister

A Developmental Approach to Transracial Adoption: Building Strong Transracial Adoptive Families
[Counselor Education, Multicultural & Social Justice]

A Guide to Ethical Decision-Making in the Practice of Animal-Assisted Counseling
[Ethics & Legal Issues, Counselor Education]
Cynthia Chandler

A Model for Comprehensive Response to Mass Shootings in the Communities and Schools
[Grief, Crisis, & Trauma, Secondary School Counseling]
Derek Robertson

A Safe Space: School Counselor Training
[Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender, Secondary School Counseling]
Beck Munsey

Adolescent Males: Confronting Personal Bias through an Adlerian/Feminist Lens
[Child & Adolescent Counseling, Counselor Education]
Heather Lindstrom

An Untapped Market, Adding Career Counseling To Your Private Practice
[Career Development Counseling, Private Practice]
Greta Davis

Autism and Law Enforcement: A Counselor's Role in Advocacy for Autism
[Secondary School Counseling, Child & Adolescent Counseling]
Amanda Beeman

Avoiding Supervision Traps: A Salient Issue in Supervision
[Counselor Supervison, Professional Issues]
Loretta Bradley

Beyond Cultural Competence: Providing Anti-racist, Trauma-informed Counseling
[Multicultural & Social Justice, Counselor Education]
Candice Holloway

Billing, CPT Codes, and Taxes, Oh My! Private Practice Secrets Revealed
[Private Practice, Professional Issues]
Wayne Smith

Braving the Elements: Counseling Toward Resilience
[Professional Issues, Counselor Education]
Heather Quast

Bridging the Gap: How Well do Counselors Understand African American Clients & Improvement Strategies
[Multicultural & Social Justice, Ethics & Legal Issues]
Damion Davis

Broken Crayons, Not Broken Children
[Elementary School Counseling, ]
Megan Guidry

CBD Oil: To Use or not Use?
[Professional Issues, College Counseling]
Katie Neff

Child and Adolescent Sex Trafficking for School Counselors
[Grief, Crisis, & Trauma, Child & Adolescent Counseling]
Claudia Interiano-Shiverdecker

Clinician Burnout: Strategies to Promote Longevity
[Professional Issues, Spirituality & Wellness]
Candace Chuyou-Campbell

Collaboration with a Purpose: How UT Austin and The Texas Education Agency are Addressing Middle School College and Career Readiness
[Secondary School Counseling, Research & Evaluation]
Jaslyn Greene

Complex PTSD: The Attachment Trauma and what Counselors Need too Know.
[Community & Clinical Counseling, Private Practice]
Jonna Byars

Counseling Approaches for Helping Latinx First-Generation Students Transfer from Community Colleges to Four-Year Universities
[College Counseling, Multicultural & Social Justice]
Angelica Tello

Counseling at the Community College: Adding Value for Students
[College Counseling, ]
Michele Mastick

Counseling Cancer Patients
[Private Practice, ]
Steven Vazquez

Counselors, Clients, and Cults: What Counselors Do and What Former Cult-Member Clients Want from Therapy
[Spirituality & Wellness, Other]
Cyndi Matthews

Couple Sex Therapy 101
[Couple & Family Counseling, Community & Clinical Counseling]
Amir Abbassi

Creative and Playful Approaches in Clinical Supervision
[Counselor Supervison, Play Therapy]
Jennifer Boswell

Discerning Generational Shifts in Child and Adolescent Susceptibility to Sex Trafficking: A Prevention Model
[Child & Adolescent Counseling, Secondary School Counseling]
Krystal Humphreys

Embodied Diversity: Transforming Marginalized Experience Through the Body
[Grief, Crisis, & Trauma, Multicultural & Social Justice]
Nevine Sultan

Enticing Administration to Bring Play Therapy to Schools
[Elementary School Counseling, Play Therapy]
Pedro Blanco

Ethical Concerns Related to Emotional Support Animal Recommendation Letters
[Ethics & Legal Issues, Community & Clinical Counseling]
Cynthia Chandler

Ethical Considerations when Working with Immigrant Students
[Ethics & Legal Issues, Group Work]
Valerie Martinez

Ethical Courage: Resilience from Perceived Counselor Failure
[Ethics & Legal Issues, Professional Issues]
Cyndi Doyle

Ethics and Supervision: Five Things Every Beginning Intern Must Know
[Counselor Supervison, Ethics & Legal Issues]
Kate Walker

Everything is Bigger in Texas: Exploring Texas Ethics Beyond the ACA Code
[Ethics & Legal Issues, Professional Issues]
Deena Shelton

Expanding the Relationship: Integrating Play Therapy, EMDR, and TFCBT for Traumatized Children
[Play Therapy, Other]
Sinem Akay-Sullivan

Gaming Addictions Across the Lifespan: An Experiential Approach
[Addiction & Offender Counseling, Couple & Family Counseling]
Adrian Warren

Generation Z: An Exploration into Who this Generation is and How They Will Impact the Counseling Profession in Theory and in Practice
[Community & Clinical Counseling, Counselor Education]
Nolan Jones

Goodbye Burnout and Helper Fatigue
[Professional Issues, ]
Jae Carter

Grabbing A Life Preserver: Helping our Supervisees Prevent Burnout
[Counselor Supervison, Spirituality & Wellness]
Julia Ayraud

Healing Betrayal Trauma and Shame: Relational Body-Centered Approaches
[Grief, Crisis, & Trauma, Lifespan Development]
Nevine Sultan

Holistic Treatment for Victims of Domestic Violence with Co-occurring Substance Use Disorder: Looking Through a Humanistic Lens
[Grief, Crisis, & Trauma, Addiction & Offender Counseling]
Jacqueline Gilmer

Horses and Wounded Warriors
[Private Practice, ]
Steven Neal

How to Help The Dying - and in the Process, the Living
[Grief, Crisis, & Trauma, Lifespan Development]
Jill Riethmayer

How to Thrive in Private Practice
[Private Practice, Community & Clinical Counseling]
Deborah Roberson

I Can't Wrap My Head Around It!
[Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender, Multicultural & Social Justice]
Beck Munsey

I Got Your Six: Unique Challenges When Working with Law Enforcement Couples
[Couple & Family Counseling, Private Practice]
Cyndi Doyle

I Teach Behavior: What's Your Superpower?
[Elementary School Counseling, ]
Lisa Pritchard

I Want To Be Like You! Confronting Supervisee Perfection and Comparison
[Counselor Supervison, Counselor Education]
Cyndi Doyle

If I Only had the Nerve! The Courage Needed for Grant Writing to Expand Programming and Services
[College Counseling, Professional Issues]
Brenda Faulkner

I'm fine... (Or am I? I wish I knew): Self-Awareness & Self- Care for Counselors with Grief and Loss Experiences
[Secondary School Counseling, Professional Issues]
Kelly Guidry

I'm Grieving as Fast as I Can - About Life and Loss
[Elementary School Counseling, Other]
Jill Riethmayer

Implementing a Comprehensive School Counseling Program in Texas: The Voices of Professional School Counselors
[Secondary School Counseling, Research & Evaluation]
Abran Rodriguez

Informed Consent: The Good, the Bad, and the Misunderstood
[Ethics & Legal Issues, ]
Melissa Kummer Dague

Infusing Cultural Competencies into Career Counseling
[Career Development Counseling, Multicultural & Social Justice]
Greta Davis

Integrating Neuroscience into Trauma Counseling
[Grief, Crisis, & Trauma, ]
Paul Carrola

Intentional Education: School Counselors and Comprehensive SEL Integration
[Secondary School Counseling, ]
Heather Quast

Interests and Aptitudes in Career Assessment: Facilitating Career Decision-Making
[Career Development Counseling, College Counseling]
Greta Davis

Lets Get Creative: Using 15 Experimental Techniques for Working With Families and Children in Crisis
[Couple & Family Counseling, Other]
Brande' Flamez

Love Languages in the School Setting
[Elementary School Counseling, ]
Amanda Sieg

LPC- Supervisors Beware: Case Studies and Ethical Dilemmas
[Counselor Supervison, Ethics & Legal Issues]
John Spoede

Martial Arts as a Creative Intervention for Optimism, Locus of Control, and Grit: An Exploratory Study
[Professional Issues, Spirituality & Wellness]
Adrian Warren

Menopause: The Female Metamorphosis and Implications for Contemporary Counselors
[Lifespan Development, Community & Clinical Counseling]
Naomi medina

Navigating the Family Jungle - A Compass, Map, and Survival Guide for Helping Stepfamilies
[Couple & Family Counseling, Counselor Education]
Jayna Haney

On the Margins of #metoo: Centering LGBTQ+ Survivors of Sexual Trauma
[Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender, Other]
Candice Holloway

Out of The Box Ways to Finance College
[College Counseling, Secondary School Counseling]
Jessica Davis

Preventing Childhood Sexual Abuse: An Evaluation of Program Effectiveness
[Child & Adolescent Counseling, Community & Clinical Counseling]
Kristina Nelson

Proceed with Caution
[Couple & Family Counseling, Ethics & Legal Issues]
Rebecca Smith

Pro-Eating Disorder Online Media ? Consequences for Clients and Implications for Counselors
[Community & Clinical Counseling, ]
Kimberlee Mincey

Promoting Counselor Self-Care through Encouragement and Positive Psychology
[Spirituality & Wellness, ]
Reade Dowda

Protecting and Improving the School Counseling Profession through Gatekeeping
[Secondary School Counseling, Ethics & Legal Issues]
Timothy Brown

Psychoeducational & Mental Health Assessments and Counseling Practice
[Assessment & Testing, Ethics & Legal Issues]
Jeffrey Gallup

Psychosis in Pediatric Populations - How do we care for it?
[Child & Adolescent Counseling, Community & Clinical Counseling]
Jeffrey Gallup

Publishing in Peer-Reviewed Counseling Journals: Recommendations and Best Practices for Developing, Writing, and Submitting Publishable Manuscripts
[Research & Evaluation, Professional Issues]
Michelle Hollenbaugh

Quick Tricks of the Elementary Trade
[Elementary School Counseling, Child & Adolescent Counseling]
Megan Guidry

Rapid Treatment of ADHD Without Drugs
[Private Practice, ]
Steven Vazquez

Realities of LGBTQ Clients: Ethics and Practices
[Ethics & Legal Issues, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender]
Bill Stone

Remembering the Basic Principles of Counseling When Treating Persons With Addictions
[Addiction & Offender Counseling, Community & Clinical Counseling]
Michael Schmit

Salud Mental: Mental Health among Undocumented Mexican Immigrants
[Multicultural & Social Justice, Couple & Family Counseling]
Edith Gonzalez

Self Determination Theory as a School Counseling Approach
[Secondary School Counseling, Child & Adolescent Counseling]
Jeff Cranmore

Serving Sensitive Populations: Improving Counselor Cultural Competency for LGBTQ+ Clients
[Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender, Multicultural & Social Justice]
Gerald Pennie

Social and Emotional Guidance at the High School Level
[Secondary School Counseling, Child & Adolescent Counseling]
Jeff Cranmore

Social Learning, Marital Satisfaction, and Role Modeling for Offspring
[Couple & Family Counseling, Community & Clinical Counseling]
Amir Abbassi

Special Education Counseling
[Child & Adolescent Counseling, ]
Mary Donaghey

Spirituality and Religioin in Counseling: A Look at the ACA Code of Ethics
[Ethics & Legal Issues, Spirituality & Wellness]
Richard Watts

Sports Counseling: Winning With Collegiate Athletes
[College Counseling, ]
Magdalena Hernandez

TAADA Presents: Healthily Ever After - Meet and Beat the Challenges to Wellness at Every Life-Stage
[Lifespan Development, Spirituality & Wellness]
Patricia Johnson

TAHEAD: Refreshing the Foundation of Humanistic Counseling
[Community & Clinical Counseling, Counselor Education]
Ajitha Chandrika Prasanna Kumaran

Take a Time Out From Burnout! Creating Self-Care for the Private Practitioner
[Private Practice, Spirituality & Wellness]
Julia Ayraud

TCCA Hot Topics: "Supporting LGBTQ College Students from a Counselors Perspective"
[College Counseling, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender]
Adriana Cantu

Teaching Group Therapy Using Reflecting Teams
[Counselor Education, Group Work]
Elizabeth Taylor

Terminating Therapy: Ethical Considerations When Ending the Counseling Relationship
[Ethics & Legal Issues, Professional Issues]
Ruben Gomez

Texas Education Code and the Texas Model for Comprehensive School Counseling Programs: What To Know and Do!
[Elementary School Counseling, Secondary School Counseling]
Elias Zambrano

The Bottom of the Bowl-Alphabet Soup Guidance Lessons from U Through Z
[Elementary School Counseling, Child & Adolescent Counseling]
Betty White

The Buildings of Rural Mental Health: Visibility, Accessibility, and Invite-ability
[Community & Clinical Counseling, Professional Issues]
Karl Witt

The Future is out There: How to Help Students Dream Big and Achieve Their Career Goals
[Secondary School Counseling, Career Development Counseling]
Jaslyn Greene

The Impostor Syndrome: Building Counseling Foundations That Overcome Shame and Self-Doubt
[Professional Issues, Counselor Education]
Wayne Smith

The Invisible Wall: Refugee Resettlement in Texas Under the Trump Administration
[Multicultural & Social Justice, Research & Evaluation]
Claudia Interiano-Shiverdecker

The Melting Pot That Isn't: The Lived Experiences of Black Female Graduate Students Attending a Predominantly White Counseling Program in Texas
[Multicultural & Social Justice, Counselor Education]
Shay Carper

The Power of Career Counseling: A Strategy in Sex Trafficking Prevention and Restoration
[Grief, Crisis, & Trauma, Career Development Counseling]
Krystal Humphreys

The Rise in Educator Sexual Misconduct by Females: Implications for Intervention and Counseling
[Ethics & Legal Issues, Professional Issues]
Jessica Davis

They Don't Tell You This Stuff in Grad School: A Collaborative Discussion for New Counselors
[Professional Issues, ]
Magdalena Hernandez

Time to get Woke! Promoting Social Justice and Counselor Advocacy
[Multicultural & Social Justice, Counselor Education]
Wayne Smith

TMHCA Presents:  Connecting to Your Licensing Board: Updates from the Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors
[Professional Issues, ]
Cristina DeLuna Steve Christopherson

To Report or not to Report, that is the [Ethical] Question
[Ethics & Legal Issues, Child & Adolescent Counseling]
Megan Smith

Transition: From Married to Not
[Ethics & Legal Issues, Lifespan Development]
Laurel Clement

Trauma-Focused Interventions: Implications for College Counselors
[College Counseling, Other]
Magdalena Hernandez

Treating Grief and Trauma through Activation of the Mirror Neuron Network
[Grief, Crisis, & Trauma, ]
Mark Rider

Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) - An Introduction
[Child & Adolescent Counseling, ]
Anne Lehew

TxCSJ Presents: How to be a Social Justice Counselor!
[Multicultural & Social Justice, ]
Sarah Stillwell

TxCSJ Presents: School Counselors as Social Justice Advocates
[Multicultural & Social Justice, Secondary School Counseling]
Le'Ann Solmonson

Use of "I-Poems" in Counselor Education and Supervision
[Counselor Education, Grief, Crisis, & Trauma]
Shannon Williams

Using Sandtray to Promote Practicum Students' Awareness and Confront Barriers
[Counselor Education, Grief, Crisis, & Trauma]
Ya-Wen (Melissa) Liang

Using Visual Aids to Enhance Understanding and Healing
[Private Practice, Secondary School Counseling]
Ronda Hayes

Utilizing Cultural Wealth Model and Narrative Therapy in Supporting Latinx Clients in Re-Authoring their Testimonios
[Multicultural & Social Justice, Community & Clinical Counseling]
Angelica Tello

What are Your Clients Signing Up For? A Discussion Regarding the Legal, Ethical, and Professional Requirements of Informed Consent
[Ethics & Legal Issues, Professional Issues]
Mario De La Garza

What is "Equine Therapy" Anyway? Partnering with Equines in Counseling
[Community & Clinical Counseling, Ethics & Legal Issues]
Hallie Sheade

What's My Anchor? Current Grief Theories and Effective Creative Counseling Activities
[Grief, Crisis, & Trauma, Professional Issues]
Susan Adams

Working with Clients in Correctional Settings
[Addiction & Offender Counseling, Community & Clinical Counseling]
Rochelle Cade

Effectively Working with High Conflict Clients, Colleagues, or Family Memers
[Professional Issues, Child & Adolescent Counseling]
Jayna Haney

You Can Earn A CREST!
[Elementary School Counseling, Secondary School Counseling]
Jennifer Akins

TAMFC Presents: Your Connection to the MFT Licensing Board
[Ethics & Legal Issues, Professional Issues]
Jennifer Smothermon

Your Group Counseling Toolkit: Fostering Change through Experiential Activities
[Group Work, Community & Clinical Counseling]
Susan Henderson

Don't Put Your License at Risk: Common Malpractice Claims & Board Actions against Counselors
[Professional Issues, Counselor Education]
Chris Buseman

Hearing The Unheard: Bringing Awareness of Undocumented Women Who Are Victims of Sexual Assault While Crossing The U.S./Mexico Border
[Multicultural & Social Justice, Other]
Angela Thompson

Multi-tiered Intensive Supervision ? A New Approach to Address Culture in Supervision
[Multicultural & Social Justice, Grief, Crisis, & Trauma]
Chandra Carey

MYCS: A Neuro-Psychological Approach to Help Your Clients Improve Quickly!
[Counselor Education, Assessment & Testing]
Lydia Giordano

Learning Institues and Post Conference Workshops

Select a Learning Institue (Wed) and/or a Post Conference Workshops (Sat) is a great way to expand your conference experience and earn extra CEs!

You can add these in-depth programs to your conference registration or attend them as stand alone events.

Learning Institutes ($130)

All Learning Insitutes are held on Wednesday, November 13, from 8:30 - 4:45 pm.

A: TACES Presents: TEMPSC III- A Model to Evaluate School Counselor Performance
[Secondary School Counseling]
Tiffany Simon, Elias Zambrano, Ernest Cox, and Salvador Acosta

The Texas Model for Comprehensive School Counseling Programs (5th edition) is currently available and in use in school districts across Texas. As a recommended companion resource, the Texas Evaluation Matrix for Professional School Counselors (TEMPSC)-III, can be used to evaluate counselors in the ten domains included within a comprehensive school counseling program. TCA taskforce members will provide detailed information on the evaluation cycle and strategies for evaluating school counselors.

B: Buzzards Don't Have Burnout-How Ethical Practices and Wellness Can Keep You From Becoming Roadkill at Work
[Ethics & Legal Issues, Spirituality & Wellness]
Betty White

No one wants to feel like roadkill! Buzzards can teach us a lot about ethics AND wellness. While most counselors do a pretty good job of following the appropriate ethical guidelines, there is one area in which most of us fall short: self-care. What do the animals know that we don't? In this session, a former biologist turned counselor will use animals to help you learn principles that will permit you to have a burn-out free, ethical practice. After all, self-care is an ethical imperative.

C: Using Integrative Interventions in Brief/Time-Limited Counseling
[Community & Clinical Counseling, Secondary School Counseling]
Richard Watts, Jennifer Boswell, Sinem Akay-Sullivan, and Susan Henderson

Many counselors work in settings that require brief or time-limited practice. This demonstration-focused learning institute provides attendees with (a) information on and application of techniques from Adlerian, cognitive-behavioral, humanistic, and constructivist approaches that are particularly useful for brief/time-limited counseling, and (b) understanding of where and how these procedures may be used in the counseling process based on clients readiness for change.

D: Advanced Psychopharmacology for Counselors: A Look at the Brain and Behavior
[Professional Issues, Community & Clinical Counseling]
Richard Henriksen and Dusanka Armstrong

This session includes a discussion of neurophysiology with an emphasis on psychopharmacological interactions with neurotransmitters and how medication affects brain functioning. Training will focus on understanding the primary medications prescribed to adults, adolescents, and children, prescription issues, and how those medications affect neurological issues, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors as well as medication interactions. A basic knowledge of brain cells is expected.

E: Supervisor Refresher Course
[Counselor Supervison, Ethics & Legal Issues]
Kate Walker

The LPC rules overhaul and Sunset review mean big changes for LPC Supervisors. This pre-conference workshop is designed to give LPC Supervisors current information about how the 2019 rule changes impact supervision practice. Topics will include systems to navigate new paperwork requirements, discussion about 'what's missing' in the new rules, and guidelines for technology. Participants will gain practical tools to incorporate quickly and ethically into an existing supervision practice.

Post-Conference Workshops ($75)

All Post-Conference Workshops are held on Saturday, November 16, from 8:30 - Noon.

F: Art-Mind-Ed: Innovative Assessments and Creative Connections
[Elementary School Counseling, Secondary School Counseling]
Megan Guidry and Cally Tilly

Words, in the form of self-reporting or outcries, are often the only medium counselors have to navigate our populations. Art offers school counselors a powerful medium to understand students and their needs. Learn from a School Counselor and Art Therapist about the research benefits of art therapy and how you can apply it to your program.

G: Testifying in Court, Developing Credibility and Bullet Proofing Your Testimony
[Ethics & Legal Issues, Professional Issues]
Jeffrey Gallup

A counselor must be prepared to testify in court or at a deposition, under oath. Although some therapists and counselors may not like to testify and may find it disruptive to their practices, there is sometimes no choice. As the number of health-related and family law lawsuits increases, the chance of counselors appearing in court increases. How do we show credibility to a jury or judge, and bulletproof our testimony and practices to remain ethical in court or depositions?

H: TAADA Presents: Counseling Ethics Across the Lifespan: Issues in Developmental Ethics
[Ethics & Legal Issues, Lifespan Development]
Bret Hendricks

The Texas Association of Adult Development and Aging presents this workshop about ethical issues related to developmental stages of clients. This presentation will provide participants with knowledge and tools to assist clients with topics related to age, gender and gender identity, and cognitive and emotional development. The presenters will discuss common ethical case conceptualization related to developmental issues. Handouts will be provided and audience participation will encouraged.

I: Little Kids-Big Challenges-Combining Social-Emotional Learning Strategies and Behavior Management to Advantage Our Youngest Learners
[Elementary School Counseling, Child & Adolescent Counseling]
Betty White

Young children are entering school with fewer social and emotional skills and more behavioral issues than ever before. Research based, meaningful interventions delivered comprehensively as soon as these children start school and continuing through their early elementary years can help these children become successful learners throughout their educational careers. This workshop will help counselors learn techniques to build social-emotional skills, well-being, and academic success.

J: A Path to Exemplary School Counseling Programs:  A Side by Side Look at the Texas Model, the Newly Revised TEMPSC, and the CREST Award Program
[Elementary School Counseling, Secondary School Counseling]
Elias Zambrano, Ernest Cox, and Jennifer Akins

Learn ideas and tools to help your school counseling program become an award-winning Exemplary School Counseling Program! The Texas Model for Comprehensive School Counseling Programs, 5th Edition-now codified in law, TCAs newly published Texas Evaluation Model for Professional School Counselors, 3rd Edition, and TSCAs Counselors Reinforcing Excellence for Students in Texas (CREST) awards program are completed and ready for your use!  Learn how these tools align with each other to support and guide your school counseling program to reach new levels of excellence. Discover how these tools can collectively support your professional skills to deliver high quality, student-oriented services through a comprehensive school counseling program!

Poster Sessions

(Thurs & Friday from 12:30 - 1:30 pm)

Conference poster sessions present research data to support effective counseling, intervention, and therapeutic strategies across many specialties within the counseling profession. Poster sessions are included with conference registration. No CE credits are awarded for viewing poster sessions.

Applying Ethical Standards to the Treatment of Dissociative Identity Disorder
[Ethics & Legal Issues]
Savilla Davis

Bias, Power, and Privilege: The Unholy Trinity
[Community & Clinical Counseling, Counselor Education]
R.J. Davis

Creative Counselor Education
[Counselor Education, Ethics & Legal Issues]
Ya-Wen (Melissa) Liang

Enhancing Community Development through Vocational Empowerment and Leadership Programming for Teenage Girls
[Career Development Counseling, Child & Adolescent Counseling]
Nora Maza

Going With the Flow: An Review of Relationship Between Yoga-Based Interventions and Generalized Anxiety Disorder
[Community & Clinical Counseling, Research & Evaluation]
Christopher Wilder

Integrated Care and You: The Benefits and Barriers to Applying Principles of Integrated Care in Your Practice Setting
[Community & Clinical Counseling]
Sarah Silveus

Lived Experiences of Professional Counselors Repeatedly Impacted by Hurricanes
[Grief, Crisis, & Trauma, Professional Issues]
Sarah Krennerich

Prescribing Emotional Support Animals: Uncovering the Counselor's Role
[Professional Issues, Ethics & Legal Issues]
Christopher Wilder

Research to Practice Gap: Engaging Professional Counselors in the Research Process
[Research & Evaluation, Professional Issues]
Erika Schmit

Running to Recovery: Ultra-Marathon Running as an Adjunct to Substance Abuse Treatment
[Addiction & Offender Counseling, Community & Clinical Counseling]
Paul Cherry

The Counseling Profession Through the Lenses of Multicultural Students and Faculty
[Multicultural & Social Justice, Professional Issues]
Terra Wagner

The Lived Experiences of Administrators on the Provision of Mental Health Services for Students in Public Schools
[Secondary School Counseling, Child & Adolescent Counseling]
Dr. Siobhan Flowers